Luis Landi
UX, UI and User Research
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What I am able to do

User Experience Design

I strive to give all my products personality, charm and sympathy, to make them stand out in the crowd and give users the opportuniy to fall in love with them.


I seek to understand systems, patterns and behaviors. I use quantitative and qualitative methods to outline the context and scope of an issue.

Visual Design

I create highly pleasant interfaces that help users to gather information and achieve the goals they want in a way which is best suited for them.

Information Architecture

Solving problems, making meaningful connections with others, and using technology and design to make products delightfully simply and enjoyable.

Strategy and innovation

I wuold love to help you find and generate potential for innovations and to accompany you on your journey toward digital transformation.


Build beautiful web-sites with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap or the most used CMS. A performant, stable product is clearly a must when it comes to a great user experience.


Design is where art and science break even.


User Experience Designer

Sport Association

User Experience

UX coffee

E-commerce coffee brand

User Experience

tea e-commerce

Tea e-commerce


The best project is the next

UX researcher and desginer


A taste of my professional story:

  • 2012-2013

    UX Researcher

    Ux Researcher for the University of Padua, in the Human Technology Lab. My role included designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research, using different metodology such as: Eye traking, video content analysis, congnitive walktrough, individual interviews or focus group; costumized to get the best from the end users.

  • ux researcher

    from 2013


    As Freelance I had, and I still have, the possibility to obtain broad experience in different fields: Photography, Digital Strategist, SEO, Public Relations, Graphic Design and Social Networking.

  • web designer


    Web Designer

    Web designer for Game Stop Italia, my role included: Data entry, graphic design, managing social media and coding the front end of the web site. Gamestop is one the most important Italian E-commerce retailers.

  • 2016

    User Experience Designer

    User Experience Designer in Connexia, a leading digital agency in Italy where my duties included: Wireframes, User Research, Usability Testing, Personas, Ethnographic Studies, Use Cases, Scenarios, Content Analysis, Contextual Inquiry, Competitive Analysis, Card Sorting, Survey Design, Information Architecture, Mobile User Experience

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Luis Landi

UX, UI and User Experience Researcher

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